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Who can transport and install photocopiers?

In these days of paperless offices, it could easily be assumed that photocopiers are a dying ‘breed’.

However, there are still many occasions when several or many copies need to be made of an important document, e.g. round the table meetings when all present need to work through a document or process; additional copies of documents required for legal or financial reasons; etc. In other words, the photocopier is still a valued piece of equipment in any office or workplace environment.

Relay Europe is a specialist technical transportation and logistics company with over 40 years of experience in moving bulky but expensive equipment such as photocopiers and printers. In fact, Relay’s reputation in the field of technical equipment handling meant that Toshiba, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of photocopiers, entrusted Relay with the movement of some 140 photocopiers a week, with each movement ranging from one to 20 machines. This came after six month trial contract during which Relay fended off stiff competition to win the full technical equipment handling contract. Relay crews were required to collect, deliver or relocate photocopiers at customer sites across the entire UK mainland and which included configuring peripherals, performing green button tests to confirm that each machine was functioning correctly and undertaking basic level training for customer staff.

What impressed Toshiba most of all was Relay’s “exemplary service” and the “first class” resolution of any issues, on the rare occasion they arose. As you can imagine, Relay has built up a wealth of experience moving this number of photocopiers a week across customer sites. We are confident our specialist logistic crews have the technical equipment handling skills and understanding to move either single or multiple photocopier consignments either as the logistics partner of a photocopier manufacturer and distributor or as part of an office move to new premises, involving just one machine or many.

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