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Relay’s specialist freight forwarding services – our success stories

Relay undertakes a wide range of large scale deliveries of vulnerable high value equipment to overseas destinations, typically working closely with our experienced and trusted freight forwarding partners Tech Cargo Ltd.

For instance, we recently undertook the complex and challenging project of delivering new postal scanning machines to every single British Embassy across the world – 150 in total!

The logistics involved in this exercise required meticulous planning and communications had to be flawless. This equipment is an important resource for Britain’s diplomatic staff abroad and is vulnerable to damage unless handled with the utmost care.

The contract with the FCO required collecting the machines from a supplier near Cambridge, who would send details of each unit to be dispatched. The logistics operation then included the following processes:

  • The serial number and destination of each machine was entered on a daily update sheet
  • Each British Embassy was contacted and their delivery requirements requested
  • As the equipment was being used for diplomatic purposes, exemption certificates were frequently required at the destination, organised by our knowledgeable local agents along with other required paperwork
  • The equipment was booked in with the airline and since it was 180cm high, there was main deck capacity only. The height also meant that the packaged machines were unable to pass through X-ray, so decompression of the cargo had to be arranged.
  • Following clearance at the destination airport, the equipment was delivered according to the schedule agreed with the local Embassy. Difficult access problems had to be overcome in many cases (a Relay speciality!) before the machines could be unpacked and positioned, ready for staff to use.
  • POD (Proof of Delivery) was supplied to all parties involved in the project

An operation of this scale to countries with widely varying transport infrastructures and local regulations tests the robustness and reliability of Relay’s international network. Once again, we have been able to prove that distances and national boundaries are no barrier to our ability to provide seamless service excellence worldwide.

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