Vending machine installation

Relay masters tricky access at Brighton University

Project Outline

Delivering and installing a large and fragile vending machine might be all in a day’s work for Relay crews, but when access to the final point of use has to be reached via a stairway with minimal room for manoeuvre then major challenges can occur.

Overcoming this kind of obstacle demands a cool head, professionalism and rapid decision making - and these qualities were required in plenty during a recent Relay delivery at the Eastbourne Campus of Brighton University!

Being supplied to the University by e-Tradeway Limited, a leading provider of dispensers, vending machines and other stock related solutions, the machine in question will equip students with IT consumables round the clock. Having 24-hour access to these products will undoubtedly be a very useful support for their studies.

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Only one way up!

The location of this essential equipment was to be on the first floor of a campus building, however the lift on site was too small to accommodate the bulky vending machine. It was up to the six Relay delivery crew members, aided by their stair-walker apparatus, to negotiate the twists and turns of a narrow winding stairway.

To reduce the weight of the machine, it was decided that the team would remove the product trays. Then, after a careful assessment of the risks and obstructions on the route of the ascent, the machine was ready to go.

Martin Onley and Lesley Paterson from e-Tradeway were on hand to oversee the delivery and commissioning of the machine. Lesley praised the professionalism and skill of the Relay crew’s handling of this exceptionally difficult access issue.

“They worked amazingly well as a team and definitely went the extra mile to ensure that the machine got to the first floor secure and undamaged. Their teamwork was to be admired, together with their excellent problem solving skills to find resolutions to a tricky situation!"

“A credit to Relay”

A great deal of planning goes into our deliveries and installations, but we also rely upon and greatly value the initiative and skills of our crews to overcome obstacles to a successful job completion.

Lesley Paterson showed her appreciation of these capabilities. “The crew were a credit to Relay and our grateful thanks goes to each and every one of them.”

The calm and professional approach shown by our crew at Brighton University demonstrates what an asset our people are to Relay and our customers!