Bulk haulage generally refers to the transport of goods in bulk, in other words large volumes of products or raw materials that may or may not require specialist handling. For Relay, the term bulk haulage means something rather different. Our specialist transport expertise is in the collection and delivery of bulky items in relatively small numbers that are fragile, valuable and require very careful handling indeed!


These include a wide range business equipment such as leading edge multi-functional printers, vending machines serving delicious coffee and vital medical resources such as scanners and laboratory testing equipment. This kind of equipment transport logistics requires rigorous planning to ensure that these fragile consignments arrive on time, undamaged and via the optimum cost-effective routes.


With bulk haulage of this kind there are a range of potential issues to consider. Delivery may well not be to a spacious loading bay or depot but to a building with access problems and restricted parking. Transport and logistics requirements may include preliminary site visits and the use of specialist equipment such as cranes to lift bulky equipment to upper storeys if entry to the end user location can’t be gained via stairways and lifts. Inevitably, there is also the need to minimise disruption to the workplace, which means that a job may take place at weekends or outside of normal working hours.


To deal with the specialist transport demands of high value equipment deliveries Relay is exceptionally well resourced with track and trace technology to monitor consignments every step of the way. All our vehicles and warehousing facilities are resourced with equipment to ensure that the property of our customers will be securely accommodated and safely handled.


Most importantly, however, are the specialist skills and commitment of our management, staff, drivers and delivery crews. The success of our operations relies on the fact that there are no weak links in the chain. Relay’s people are proud of the high quality of our services and aim to constantly add value to the customer experience.