A major delivery and installation of MSCs (Microbiological Safety Cabinets) to the Francis Crick Institute in London is among the many projects Relay has carried out in close cooperation with our long-standing client Envair Lab Ltd.

Laboratory equipment is frequently bulky and invariably valuable, not only in terms of cost but also for its vital importance to the technicians and clinicians that rely upon it for diagnostic analysis. Our specialist skills and resources for handling high value medical and scientific equipment, together with our scope to undertake deliveries on tight schedules, convinced Envair Lab that Relay was the ideal transport and logistics partner.

delivery of technical equipment

Specialist Handling

Envair Lab are leading specialists in clean air and laboratory equipment and supply a wide range of products for use in medical and research laboratories in both the public and private sectors. These include safety cabinets, laminar flow hoods, fume cupboards, incubators and centrifuges, all of which require careful handling, especially when the delivery locations have access challenges such as narrow entrances or winding stairways.

Moving and installing clean air equipment involves satisfying a range of key criteria in addition to solving any access issues. These include:

  • Checking the position of clean air equipment in the lab to avoid air turbulence
  • Making sure that the lab is free of traffic on the day of installation
  • Establishing whether the crew requires work permits
  • Finding out whether a loading bay is large enough for an 18 tonne vehicle
  • Discovering when any other equipment is due to be installed in the lab

Training and Experience

Over several years of close working relationship, Envair Lab and Relay have developed winning formulas for performing flawless deliveries and installations. The two companies have produced a unique training guide on equipment handling together with an installation video which is accessible by our crews on site via their PDA devices. These resources provide a vital support for crew members that may not have had specific experience of handling Envair Lab equipment or who may require a reminder about details of the siting and installation process.

Through our close cooperation, we have also together identified core crews with the advanced level of experience that enables them to assist Envair Lab as installation engineers. These Relay personnel are able to break down equipment for delivery through tight doorways and other difficult access areas. They will then part build the flat-packed units, which means that Envair Lab can save on the cost of an engineer visit.

Consistently Successful Installations

Laura Jones, Operations Director of Envair Lab Ltd, explained that Relay will carry out detailed site surveys and provide risk assessments and method statements whenever required. “This gives our users peace of mind that the equipment will be safely installed first time round,” she said.

“Relay’s stringent attention to detail is coupled with Envair Lab’s technical expertise in advising clients where clean air equipment should be placed in the laboratory in order to avoid excessive air turbulence. We can therefore offer our customer base all the information they need post installation to ensure a smooth running lab operation.”