The struggle to hold back the coronavirus epidemic in the UK has seen remarkable initiatives from business to meet the needs of the NHS and the care sector. Engineering companies and manufacturers have rapidly switched from their normal operations to produce essential hospital equipment and PPE.

Logistics expertise to fight coronavirus

Some businesses have turned their hand to producing equipment for hospitalised COVID-19 patients such as respiratory ventilators. Others have been making facemasks and protective clothing for front line NHS staff and care workers, or sanitising gel which, like so many essentials, has been in critically short supply. The flexibility and innovation that has been shown by the UK manufacturing sector has been hugely impressive.

The transport and logistics sector also has a major role to play in getting these vital consignments to where they are urgently required. Haulage companies in general have extensive experience in planning deliveries efficiently and managing supply chains both regionally and nationally.

What we can offer

Turning to Relay in particular, we can offer specific skills and knowledge in the secure collection, delivery and handling of vulnerable high value electronic equipment and other technical assets, including healthcare and laboratory equipment from medical scanners to lab fridges.

We have a total fleet of over 65 HGVs and LGVs operating from warehousing and logistics depots at Iver near Heathrow, Northampton, Warrington and Coatbridge near Glasgow. Our specialist distribution vehicles range from 3.5 tonners to 40ft articulated vehicles, all fitted with air-ride suspension, load locking systems and tail-lifts.

These transport and logistics resources are supported by sophisticated tracking and location systems, while our highly experienced driving crews and engineers have a range of specialist handling equipment to ensure that fragile, and frequently bulky, customer assets arrive at point of end use undamaged and fully operational.

Tackling COVID-19

While Relay has these extensive capabilities in handling large items of medical and lab equipment, we are also eager to provide the NHS and organisations servicing the healthcare sector our help in collecting, transporting and delivering any items specifically required during the COVID-19 emergency.

These could include hospital beds, ventilators, face masks or other items required by hospitals and other healthcare centres. Our drivers are key workers and fully equipped with hygienic resources and comprehensively trained in procedures to alleviate the spread of the coronavirus infection.

We are therefore currently contacting the NHS and other organisations involved in mitigating the effects of this nationwide healthcare emergency.