Logistics UK, which is the new name for the FTA (Freight Transport Association), has recently launched a Logistics Performance Tracker initiative, which is designed to monitor the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the logistics sector. This takes the form of a fortnightly survey, which coincides with the creation of a Logistics Industry Panel representing a variety of businesses working in transport and logistics.

Transport and Logistics

Commenting in a news release issued at the end of August, Elizabeth de Jong, Director of Policy at Logistics UK, explained that: “Our Logistics Performance Tracker provides an evidence-based, quantitative insight into how logistics businesses continue to be affected by the pandemic and signposts where government support is most needed.”

The Logistics UK release goes on to state that: “The results of the August survey reveal that, while the level of disruption across the industry has fallen significantly from May 2020, nearly 11% are still reporting severe or extreme disruption to overall freight volumes.”

Providing essential services

This continued supply of information from Logistics UK to those in authority is extremely important, especially because of the critical role the logistics sector has played throughout the Covid-19 emergency and still plays today. As Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport, acknowledged in a recent letter to the Road Haulage Association relating to LGV apprenticeship funding: “The pandemic has highlighted how vital road transport is to the UK economy, and it will continue to be so, going forward.”

In spite of the major disruption Covid-19 has caused to businesses throughout the UK, the logistics sector has shown remarkable resilience and has ensured that businesses and the public at large have been supplied with the essential goods and services they require. Relay's own delivery crews and engineers have worked tirelessly and efficiently throughout the pandemic and the testimonials of our customers show how much their professionalism and commitment has been appreciated.