Relay specialises in the collection, storage, delivery and installation of vulnerable, bulky and highly valuable electronic equipment. This covers a huge range of customer assets, including MFPs, vending machines, telecommunications apparatus and laboratory equipment.

Apart from high value, size and fragility, a common factor that links the wide variety of consignments that we handle is their importance to customers and end users. The efficient operation of a business or the effective functioning of a clinical lab may well depend on equipment entrusted to our care. 

Tracking app

This is why Relay has always made a priority of ensuring that our customers have maximum visibility of their assets at every stage of the journey from collection to installation. We have made significant investments in the latest technology to make this possible. 

This includes sophisticated geofencing, GPS satellite tracking and GPRS facilities, together with Navtech Mapping navigation software that offers an exceptional user interface and the ability for customers to track order numbers rather than vehicles whenever they wish to do so.

Most importantly of all has been the ability to track and trace consignments via live electronic ETAs in real time. This was made possible through the Arrivals Board specialist software we developed in cooperation with our IT partners Mandata, with whom we've been working for over 20 years. 

Our Arrivals Board offers information in a similar way to an arrivals board at an airport, in this case customer name, job number, scheduled arrival and actual arrival. This leading-edge solution enables the service team to keep a running check on all movements and in turn, to ensure sure their engineers and customers are fully informed about the status of each delivery at all times.

The latest initiative

These facilities are available to our customers via a password protected zone on the Relay website, but now our long-standing IT partner Mandata has created a Track & Trace App that offers equal access to this logistics information, including the Arrivals Board. This can be viewed by using the same user names and passwords selected for the website.

Available from both Google and Apple App Stores, the Mandata Track & Trace App provides a range of invaluable features, such as the ability to search by job number or customer reference and to view collection and delivery information including conformance, POD images and signatures. 

Relay is always looking for new ways of extending and enhancing its services to customers and we believe that the Track & Trace App is an important development in this process.