At Relay we are very aware of the value of the equipment and products that our customers entrust to us as well as the need for maximum speed, efficiency and security in the logistics operations we undertake for them. Ensuring that we have the support of leading edge IT and technical resources has therefore always been a key priority.

We are continually investing and developing IT infrastructure projects and have recently integrated a Warehouse Management System (WMS) into our day to day operations. The system provides for higher levels of inventory accuracy and gives customers online visibility of their stock levels through its web based reporting tools.

The WMS is fully integrated with our order processing software and can create real time pick instructions sent via radio frequency (RF) to barcode scanners where stock and locations will be scanned. This RF technology enables us to update order fulfilment and stock levels accurately and rapidly. A pilot scheme is currently underway with selected customers and it is envisaged that this new technology will be rolled out companywide in the next few months.

Relay’s Internal Process Manager Stuart Berry explained: "The WMS will be an invaluable tool to both increase productivity within our warehouses and enable stock fulfilment to be achieved seamlessly through the benefits of software compatibility and RF technology.”