Levelling up

On Wednesday 2nd February, a Government press release was posted providing information on its Levelling Up agenda. 

This policy recognises that parts of the UK have been in decline for decades, and that the success of businesses and individuals can depend on the postcode area in which they are located. Quite rightly, it aims to end this regional imbalance. Including in career prospects.

Work in Progress

The task of generating highly skilled well paid jobs is already being carried out in these areas by a range of industry sectors. For instance, back in February 2021, the BBC reported on a massive planned expansion of a wind turbine factory in Hull. 

Relay has regularly published posts on social media on manufacturing success stories such as this. What should also be stressed, however, is the vital role that transport and logistics plays in regional economic regeneration.

Joined-up Logistics

Logistics UK has pointed out the invaluable benefits that the transport & logistics sector have delivered for the UK economy and employment. The organisation states that: “Logistics directly contributes to economic activity through investment in warehousing, road, rail, sea and air transport. It also creates many excellent jobs, providing skilled careers for thousands.” 

Logistics companies that have a nationwide network of depots such as Relay provide skilled careers and boost the regional economies in widely diverse areas. In fact, companies like Relay could be looked upon as Levelling Up pioneers! 

Nationwide Locations  

Relay’s depots are situated at Iver, close to London Heathrow Airport, at Warrington near Manchester and at Coatbridge, a short distance from Glasgow. This means that they are strategically located to handle nationwide and international deliveries.

Transportation network

Furthermore, the teams at each of these transport hubs are equally skilled and experienced in dealing with the highly valuable, sophisticated and fragile electronic equipment that is our speciality. Each of these depots is a logistics centre as well as offering secure, high tech warehousing facilities.

We ensure that each depot is equally well resourced for the same reason and also because we believe that our people deserve the best!

A Network of Excellence

Located in different areas and communities across the country, our depots play an equally important part in creating a network of excellence to deliver the highest quality services to our customers. No levelling up is required between them because the value of each is equal.

In common with other leading transport and logistics companies, we are committed to building economic prosperity and business success. The way that the logistics sector operates nationwide could provide useful strategies that other industries could follow. It is in all our interests for the Levelling Up mission to succeed.