Maintaining a Robust Supply Chain

The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic and the recent escalation of political tensions have naturally had a profound effect on international trade. 

Nevertheless, the logistics sector has shown a remarkable ability to cope with a range of exceptional challenges over the past two years. Businesses and consumers have been supplied with essential goods and equipment in spite of many extreme difficulties.

Delivering an effective international freight forwarding service relies on maintaining robust supply chains. Relay offers its customers a seamless service worldwide, defined by our mission to be “one partner with no boundaries.” The ability to ensure the security of each consignment of high value fragile company assets is consistently maintained throughout our global freight forwarding operation.

In association with our Freight forwarding partner Tech Cargo, Relay has established a formidable worldwide network of highly qualified and trusted agents. On the Freight Forwarding page of our website, we state that: “Whether shipping a single item or a full container load of equipment, Relay applies a rigorous level of attention to its international logistics assignments by land, sea and air to ensure the highest quality freight forwarding services possible among UK freight companies.”

With many years of experience, excellent technological resources and proven capabilities, Relay can provide our customers with the highest quality services both in the UK and across the world.