Relay has recently acquired two 13.6 metre double-decked trailers that are making an important contribution to the efficiency of our trunking and delivery operations. With a 10- tonne top-deck load capacity and 2-tonne tolerance over the swan neck, the trailer is capable of carrying approx 120 mid range machines such as PDI photocopiers.


The vehicles carry a powerful message in their livery that is unique in our fleet: “one journey, not two - a bigger eco2 friendly truck.” This is with good reason. Using the double-decked configuration means one instead of two vehicles on the road, which Relay calculates can cut 200,000 miles per year from our journeys. This means less fuel consumption, less carbon emissions and less traffic congestion on the roads.


And that’s not all we’re excited about. Based at our Iver and Warrington depots, these vehicles can provide tremendous support in key operating areas. The 3-axle Cartwright trailers are drawn by powerful Mercedes Actros 2544 tractor units and are internally equipped with a range of resources such as a 3-tonne internal tail lift fully meeting EU safety standards and standalone generation so the vehicle’s batteries do not have to be used for load handling. Top and bottom levels can be adjusted to carry a range of different sized high value fragile assets, with 2.25 metres of loading height available on the lower level beneath 1.57 metres of loading height on the upper level.


The new double decked trailers provide Relay with great opportunities to enhance our services to customers and streamline our logistics. They’re great for our business and can be of real benefit to yours.