It’s worth joining a conversation if you have something to say. Social networking suits some businesses better than others but, although we are probably biased, we believe that Relay’s specialist area of technical logistics will fascinate to a wider audience.


So, we’re launching on Facebook and Twitter. Also, look out for our contributions on LinkedIn.   The fact is that dealing with equipment that is highly valuable, awkward to handle and invariably fragile makes Relay’s working days and nights constantly challenging and subject to changes, deadlines and requiring expert decision making and problem solving.


This creates opportunities for news, comments, opinions and anecdotes to add to the incredible wealth of information out there. We aim to interact constructively with customers, partners, the logistics sector and the wider public, because social network communication has great potential for showcasing individual businesses and the sectors in which they operate.


Relay is enthusiastically committed to service and we have a tremendous team working for us in all areas of our operations, ensuring that customer consignments arrive in perfect condition, on time, every time. So, through contributions to social networks, we plan to tell it how it is.