There are common factors in the transport and handling all types of high value electronic business, medical, computer and scientific equipment. Value is a key word here and it relates not only to the cost of the item but also its function within an organisation and what loss or damage could lead to. In the worst case, the equipment could be irreplaceable and not having it seriously impact on end-user activities. 

Additionally, there are other aspects concerning the manufacture, design and functionality of these critically important assets: 

  • They are invariably fragile
  • They are frequently bulky and/or requiring specialist handling
  • They are sometimes highly sensitive to temperature and other environmental factors such as dust and vibration

These challenges are keenly apparent in projects such as:

  • IT relocation
  • Server relocation
  • Data centre relocation


Then there are the end user’s requirements to consider. IT transport and IT moving may require weekend deliveries to save customer downtime. On the other hand, working time on-site installations should be carried out with minimum disruption to staff, but a complete delivery service could also include on-site demonstration and training options.  


Effective project management backed by best in class specialist transport and logistics technology is vital. Furthermore, every person involved in the warehousing, delivery, installation, decommissioning and re-commissioning of this equipment needs to have exceptional capabilities in their specific tasks. There is no room for unskilled labour in this type of sensitive logistics assignment. 


Relay has worked on a number of IT relocations and movements, having gained a strong reputation for transport and logistics in the area of high value vulnerable business equipment. Our experience has shown that planning is a key element to these challenging but fascinating projects. Nothing can be left to chance, from the initial site survey to the final installation, and risk must be rigorously managed and controlled to the extent that it becomes negligible. 


No one has yet accused us of taking a “belt & braces approach” to IT, server or data centre relocation, but if they did, we’d take it as a compliment!