The logistics sector is intensely customer focused and it is important to remember that contact with the end user in the B2B area particularly goes beyond a friendly exchange with the customer at a delivery destination. 

Handling Customer Assets in our Care

You might like to take a look at the
Logistics UK Skills Review 2023 to see what this sector should be looking for. Our award winning trade association introduces this report by stating:

“The Logistics Skills Review 2023 looks at the latest challenges and opportunities in addressing skills shortages across the logistics industry. Drawing on the latest data, case studies and analysis from our policy experts, this review includes key insights on the logistics sector in profile, creating opportunity, as well as future innovations.”

One of the public perceptions of deliveries is that, while the process of moving goods in transit can be complex and difficult, reaching the specified destination and handing over deliveries to the end user is relatively simple; a “friendly exchange with the customer” is all that might be expected. That is valid for many, although not all, consumer “on-the-doorstep” transactions, but is no reflection on what is required for B2B projects.

In general terms, highlights the following points as important in the supplier and end user interchange:

"Whether you are a restaurant owner or waiter, a technology start-up founder or UX designer, delivering good customer service requires a human-centric approach."

This does not of course cover the range of many B2B customer interfacing requirements, especially for a logistics company like Relay that specialises in handling high value electronic assets, but it offers a valid starting point for further discussion.

Enhancing the delivery process

Relay’s delivery crews are required to use multiple skills for the handling and installation of a wide range of equipment from photocopiers to medical scanners and much else. The only thing that these customer assets have in common is that they are bulky, fragile and extremely valuable, both financially and in many cases by being essential to the activities of the end user.

Their safety and security in transit is ensured by the deployment of our sophisticated track and trace technology and advanced communications resources. On arrival, Relay crews frequently have to deal with difficulties of access to the point of end use, but come well prepared with the right handling equipment for each individual task, as well being forewarned of potential challenges by our well-established site survey processes.

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