A look at the customer testimonials which can be found on the Home Page of our website, will reveal many glowing tributes to our collection and delivery crews. Here is a small sample from our assignments nationwide.

A multitasking force for faultless deliveries 

Could you please pass on my thanks to Relay for the fantastic job their delivery crews have done on the multi machine install at Gwynedd Council. They have all been very helpful and willing to do that little bit more to make things go as smoothly as possible for us as well as Gwynedd Council - awesome.
Many thanks for your delivery and set-up assistance at Glasgow University's new Virology Centre. The team were fantastic and through their hard work and adaptability we were able to complete what could have been a very difficult installation on time - and with no hassle or stress! A massive well done to your team!
I just wanted to pass on my thanks on behalf of ourselves and our customer for Relay’s part in the delivery to Moorefield School in Stockport. She has advised that the delivery guys were great and added to a terrific service experience. Can you please pass this on to those involved, as it is down to good work and communication from all that we receive such wonderful positive feedback.

Great work and communication skills

Our crews are excellent ambassadors for Relay and we take pride in their wide range of skills and commitment to carrying out a faultless collection, delivery and installation in every project they undertake.

Relay ensures that our crews are fully resourced and equipped to carry out assignments that can frequently be challenging in terms of scheduling, access and installation at point of use. It should also be remembered that the equipment we handle is invariably bulky, fragile and highly valuable.

We also have regular training and testing programmes in safe driving techniques and concerning the features of the equipment they install in their capacity as engineers and technicians. However, their ability to communicate with the end users, to provide them with the information they require and put them at their ease through professionalism and friendliness, is something very special.

The ability of our crews to deliver “a terrific service experience” is something Relay values beyond measure.