A KPMG Global report on supply chain trends in 2024 includes a section on the importance of visibility, stating: “The lack of visibility across the layered tiers of a supply chain has major implications for organizations across industries, particularly for meeting regulatory requirements, and for the identification and mitigation of supply chain risks.”

Seamless Worldwide Performance

Relay employs a wide range of the latest track & trace and communications technologies to ensure the real-time visibility of every consignment of the high value electronics equipment we handle for our customers on a daily basis. The same level of transparency and attention to security of customer assets is applied to shipments both at home and overseas. A seamless service is what customers demand and deserve.

In describing how the logistics sector delivers essential services, our award-winning trade association Logistics UK observes: “Logistics is a sector delivering an increasingly safe, sustainable and efficient system of national infrastructure – creating opportunities across the UK and linking the UK to the global trade network. Spanning land, water and air, it delivers for everyone, everywhere, every day.” 

Reliable Networks 

Together with our long-established freight forwarding partner Tech Cargo, Relay can offer worldwide networks of tried and trusted agents and associates, experienced in handling high value, bulky and fragile electronic equipment.

The close collaboration between Relay and Tech Cargo has seen challenging assignments undertaken requiring a high degree of handling expertise, such as the delivery of mailroom x-ray security scanning equipment on behalf of a UK government agency to UK embassies across the world. The project had a number of unique aspects, not least because the assignment took place during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

But transporting the equipment by air was also challenging. To quote from another of our another of our articles: “The dimensions of the x-ray scanning equipment pose particular challenges for cargo shipment by air freight. Since each unit is 175 cm high, there has been main deck capacity only for the airline. The height also means that the packaged machines are unable to pass through X-ray, so security procedures had to be carried out before arrival at the airport's point of departure.”

There is no point denying that, while the risk of a further dramatic pandemic impact has abated, or has at least been controlled, there is now increasing pressure on international trade from geopolitical events. Nevertheless, the logistics sector has shown itself remarkably resilient and adaptable to the febrile and fluctuating international market environment and, in common with other leading logistics operators, Relay has strategies to deal with whatever the future may bring!