A press release posted on 18th October by Logistics UK announced that “Logistics UK, one of the UK’s biggest business groups, has been crowned Trade Association of the Year at the 2022 Memcom Excellence Awards. The business group – which represents all transport modes – saw off tough competition from associations representing all facets of the UK economy, eight of which were shortlisted, to be announced as the award winner.”

Congratulations to Logistics UK


This award is truly well deserved and is certain to be applauded by its membership. As a proactive member of Logistics UK, Relay can testify as to the excellence of the services and advice it provides to those it represents. This in turn supports the transport & logistics sector in providing the highest quality of services to its wide range of customers.

In the introduction to its campaigns web page, the organisation states: “From medicines to automotive manufacturing parts, bread to computer components, building materials to household rubbish, every part of our lives depends on logistics. From the largest container ship to logistics on foot, we represent them all.”

That is an incredibly broad remit that Logistics UK has set for itself, taking in both B2B and B2C service operations and their enactment by land, sea and air. The fact that this Trade Association of the Year Award has come this year is particularly fitting, because recent global events have put exceptional pressures on the logistics sector, its customers and the public at large.

The Route to Net Zero

Logistics UK has long been a driving force for environmental sustainability throughout the sector. In relation to road transport in the UK, 2019 statistics showed that cars and taxis emitted 61% of road transport GHG emissions, as compared with 18% from HGVs and 17% from vans.

For instance, in July 2021, it launched its Route to Net Zero campaign. Logistics UK explains that:

“The aim is to highlight the good practice already happening across the sector, provide useful case studies and resources for those logistics companies looking to reduce their emissions and engage with relevant policymakers on the support that can help the industry to decarbonise and quickly as possible.”

Relay consistently followed the route of environmental best practice. We have done this through the acquisition of low-emission vehicles for our fleet, the use of the latest tracking and monitoring technology and effective journey planning.

However, like all conscientious members of Logistics UK, we are never complacent, and will continue to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations while maintaining the highest quality services for our customers.