During the winter months driving conditions across the UK can become hazardous due to high winds, snowfall and ice and flooding. On top of this there are other challenges which commercial vehicle drivers will have to take into account on journeys that they make to meet the demands of business and consumers. 

It takes skilled HGV drivers to manage these challenges and handle delicate consignments with the care and precision required to avoid costly delays and to maintain the safety and security of goods in transit. Well-resourced and well- managed logistics companies will support their driving crews in every way possible. This is what we do at Relay and our logistics team will ensure that each journey is meticulously planned and monitored by the latest and most sophisticated technology.

Safe driving – delivering on time

Furthermore, there are specific requirements involved in our specialised collection, storage, delivery and installation of high value, bulky and fragile electronic equipment. 

Relay will deploy 2-man delivery crews and more personnel whenever necessary, so no consignment will ever be undermanned. The crews will also be supplied with all the handling and lifting equipment required for each specific task. None of our team is made to feel undervalued by being under-resourced.

Relay places a very high value on our HGV driving crews. They are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. We as a company are equally committed in helping them to do so. 

Their contribution to our logistics operations is vital and we are immensely proud of them and what they do. With this support we aim to continue a high quality transportation service no matter what challenges may arise.