Relay continually invests in leading edge IT solutions to ensure that our services are supported by the best available technology. PDAs play an important part in our comprehensive job tracking procedures and we have recently acquired new Motorola ES400 smartphones as the latest of our in-cab communications tools.

These devices are semi rugged, fitted with POD (Proof of Delivery) signature capture software, Co Pilot Navigation and phone functions. They also deliver a range of functions to aid driver communication and operating procedures, such as updates on delivery status and cameras that allow delivery teams to record access issues such as tight staircases.

There are huge benefits to the logistics process from these invaluable handheld tools. Through Co Pilot and smart software, crews can navigate to a destination via their downloaded daily manifest and just a single click will route a truck from its current position to the next scheduled address. This reduces mileage covered and therefore fuel consumption, providing both cost and environmental benefits through maintaining maximum operating efficiencies in the Relay fleet.