A fantastic time was had by all at the Relay Go-Karting Day on 5th October and it was a great opportunity for everybody at Relay, coming from all three of our depots – by coaches from Iver and Warrington and by plane down from Coatbridge, Scotland - to meet up for some friendly but highly competitive racing! 


 Relay goes for go-karting in a big way!


The Daytona Outdoor Karting Centre at Milton Keynes provides a fantastic circuit, top-flight karts and terrific facilities and Relay’s 60 guys and girls were straight in there with an endurance race, divided into teams of four to enjoy two hours of action-packed excitement. After this, nominated drivers from each team took part in a half-hour sprint-off for the coveted Relay Cup! 


The Karting Day showed how Relay people have got a great team spirit which is why we work together so well. In between the competitive racing and at a great meal after the events there was time catch up with our colleagues from throughout our UK network.


James Marshall, Business Development Manager at Iver said that everyone enjoyed their go-karting experience hugely. “We can’t wait for our next karting day and to see if Iver will be so dominant again. We all appreciate what Hugh Reid and Dan Rangecroft have done in organising this event.”




Winning Endurance Team: James Ryan, Carlos Lorenzo, Tom McMahon and Steve Foster


Relay Cup Prize-winners: 1st Liam Webb, 2nd Richard Barnes, 3rd Jim Taylor